Services Offered by a Landscape Designer

The outdoor area of every home is often the last to get design attention, but this should not be the case as the landscape surrounding your property is as important as what is inside it. Whatever type of landscape design you pick whether it is a manicured front lawn, a stone-paved pathway or an intricate garden design, landscapes must receive the same attention and detail that anywhere inside your home would get.

If landscape design ideas are well executed, they can complement your home’s whole aesthetic. Having the right plants, shrubbery and flowers can greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding texture, color, and fragrance to your property. It is wise to understand the duties of a landscape designer so as to know what will suit your home or taste. This brings us to the services offered by a landscape designer.

A landscape designer offers a number of services and concepts see some of them below (including pond construction and water features).

Landscape Design Steps for Garden Construction

The below addresses some of the steps involved in the development of a garden design by a landscape designer.

Concept Plan

This is a general plan of your garden including plan views, 3D drawings and elevations, samples of materials, images or photos of the critical landscape design elements, and the recommended plant species. This plan provides homeowners with a clear idea and visual image of their new garden. A preliminary cost for your garden installation may be given at this point.

Complying Developments and Applications

A landscape designer can manage the process of meeting developments and requests for homeowners including the preparing the necessary plans and documents for their submission. Alternatively, a landscape designer can choose to work with the Architect if it is a very large project and involves some part of the property.

Construction Documentation

This is a preparation of the detailed drawings for the garden construction of the project which is crucial to providing clarity and ensuring the level of finishing synonymous with projects. It includes detailed specifications and drawings for all key building elements like swimming pools, pergolas, and decks, as well as outdoor kitchens and lighting plans, planting plans with a complete schedule of all finishes.


There can be a fire element present (this creates a space where family and friends gather for warmth following a swim in the pool). You can have built-in entertainment system centers thereby bringing the inside outdoors. Decorative pottery and landscape lighting can complement these grand outside areas.

Water Features and Pond Construction

Flowing water is also a peaceful and soothing addition to your garden. It can help turn your landscape to something special, making your surroundings a focal point that attracts wildlife. Before deciding which water feature to use, it is wise to keep the below considerations in mind:

The Background Noise

Do you want to mask objectionable road noise or disturbance from adjacent houses?

Water Feature Placement

Make the water feature placed between you and the background noise. Try to raise the proximity of your water feature to your home so as to hide a loud background sound.

The Water Action

After knowing how aggressive water sound is, it becomes much easier to figure out if what you want is:

  • A trickling sound
  • A falling sheet
  • A rushing sound

The Visual Effect

Ask yourself questions like, how much drama am I trying to create? Bear in mind that intimate spaces will require less when it comes to making an impact. But a grand scale needs something more compelling.

Safety Considerations

Are there young children that need consideration? If there are eliminate standing water or pools.

What About Fish and Other Living Organisms?

Will require a number of maintenance requirements.


Ask yourself questions like who will maintain the water feature? Ensure you use state-of-the-art or automated equipment to make maintenance easy. Note that some kinds of weekly maintenance are required.

What About Pre-Cast Fountains?

Comes in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors and the cost is relatively lesser than any other water feature or fountain.


Ensure the fountain can hold enough water so that it doesn’t run low as a result of evaporation.


Go for a small equipment package including pump, time clock, filter, chlorinator, or any other purification system. Do not forget to include water fill line.

Are you Going for Waterfalls?

When people hear falling water, they associate it with nature which is why a waterfall will always be a focal point that explores life in any garden. Place it for optimal viewing from inside the house, patios, and terraces.

What About Rocks?

Synthetic Rocks

If there isn’t access to the proper equipment, then a synthetic rock can serve as the best alternative. Also because of the shadow and layering associated with natural rock, it is preferable to use it as a backdrop, that is augmented with the smaller hand placed option (of natural rock).

Natural Rocks

When it is possible to use natural rock, bear in mind that the texture and layering of real stone cannot be simulated with complete realism. Additionally, considering the incredible weight of natural rock, it is important that there is access to heavy equipment.

Architectural Fountains

Landscaping with ponds and fountains adds calm and character to your backyard. There isn’t any limit to imagination regarding fountain design. A fountain remains the statement in a garden. It is a keystone that ties every element together. Fountains must evoke the style and theme of the architecture of both the home and the garden.

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