Common Lies About Koi Ponds

backyard streamSeveral misconceptions about Koi ponds have cropped up over the years. Such lies have made customers think twice before installing an ideal pond. This elaborated article should help debunk the myths commonly experienced by customers. More importantly, you should be in a better position to make informed decisions after reading this article.

A Fishpond Should Be Set Up in the Lowest Part of Your Yard

This is definitely the worst piece of advice you can get from a person. Koi ponds located at the furthest part are prone to run-off and can cause adverse financial loss. You might want to locate your fishpond closer to your house to witness serene beauty. Moreover, you can enjoy the panoramic view from your pond while drinking coffee.

You Can’t Be a Water Gardener and a Koi Hobbyist

Often heard, this is a major misconception that has been making the news. In essence, you can have an excellent water garden while also raising healthy fish species. A healthy fishpond provides for an ideal environment for the growth of healthy fish. A well-maintained fishpond contributes to a ripple effect by flourishing a water garden.

Koi Fish Species Must Be Brought Inside During Winter

Koi fish species are known to survive the harshest of winters worldwide. In such a situation, the fish species are biologically equipped to survive in oxygenated water with sufficient depth. A perforated ice block naturally acts as a medium for the transfer of gases.

Adequate Filtration Directly Translates to a Better Pond

Unknown to most pond owners, you can over-filter your pond without any effect. The tight filter pads have a unique ability to absorb tiny particles leading to a clean pond. The entire process is based on the constant filtering mechanism adopted by the tight filter pads. Your fish species will swim freely without any challenges.

UV Lights Are the Only Means to Keeping Your Water Clear

UV clarifiers are essentially the best but not the only technique to regulating clarity in your pond. A naturally balanced aquatic circle is sufficient enough to regulate healthy life for fish species. When Mother Nature does most of the work, you just have to maintain regular feeding habits.

Having a fishpond is undoubtedly a great experience. It’s advisable to consider the merits associated while shunning the misconceptions likely to hold you back from building one.

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