Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Designer

Landscape design, Water FeaturesHiring a professional landscape designer is in your best interest. Here we have listed some reasons why you should work with a professional landscape designer.

We all love an attractive design in all aspects of our lives. When it comes to designing a garden or landscape the complexities of the design can be great. You have to work on all aspects of designing a landscape starting from the soil to the plantation and gardening. This is why often a landscape designer is the best person for the job as they are proficient in horticulture, engineering, soil biology and the art of designing.

Mostly people seem not to be interested in hiring a landscape designer for simple gardening jobs but when the requirement is big like installing water features you need designers who have construction experience, industry connections and design ideas. By working with a professional landscape designer you can benefit in many ways. First of all, you will be able to take advantage of the ideas of a professional designer. Second, the landscape designer can help to avoid the common failures and pitfalls. Also, they can make better use of resources for designing the landscape that will bring down the overall cost.

Whether you have a DIY project or a serious landscaping project, working with a professional designer can benefit you in a number of ways.  Let’s have a look why you should work with a professional landscape designer.

Idea Generation

You need to accept that fact no matter how hard you try, you may not have as many ideas as the landscape designers. These professionals are experienced, have completed many prior projects and have an innate talent for a wide variety of landscape designs. While you can have ideas, a designer can improve on your existing idea by making use of the experience and the much needed industry expertise to come up with the best outcome.

Site Analysis

An important aspect of landscape designing is the fact that every parcel of land is unique as well as connected with the larger ecosystem. A professional landscape designer will have the understanding of how the macrocosm of the designing process will affect the site. For you, what can be a simple installation of a water features, for a landscape designer can be an engineering challenge that has to be sustainable to not harm the ecosystem of your garden.

Conceptual Design

After the analysis of the site, a professional designer can come up with the best conceptual design that you can imagine. You might have hundreds of ideas on how you want to design the landscape, but a professional designer, after thorough research will come up with the design ideas that best answer your needs, wishes and wants, and at the same time addresses the ecosystem and natural characteristics that are present in the existing landscape.

Project Management

A major benefit of working with a professional landscape designer is the development of the project and the potential improvements being incorporated in the process. Landscaping projects always have some unknowns popping up from time to time. A professional designer will have the experience and skill to minimize these pitfalls and keep the project going without any delays.

Learn more about professional landscape design at All Natural Streams Landscaping.

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The Best Plants and Shrubs to Hide Outdoor Yard Objects

Most property owners put in a great deal of effort to make sure their landscape looks good – and why wouldn’t they? If you have a nice yard, you’re going to feel a lot better about living there. A well kept property also results in higher curb appeal. Unfortunately, your efforts can be ruined by unsightly objects that have to be there, like air conditioners, trash cans and the like. The following are a few ideas for hiding these objects from view so that they don’t affect your landscape’s visual beauty:

  • Hedges – Hedges are a great way to build a natural fence around bulky objects. They can be easily controlled as well since you can keep them trim without much trouble. There are many different types of hedges that you can grow, but the shared privet hedge is the best suited for residential purposes since they can be cut to any height and boast a clean look.
  • Spruce trees – If you have larger objects that you would like to hide, such as a small shed, then planting a row of spruce trees should do the trick. There are a number of different type of spruce trees to choose from. Norway spruce trees can be effective at hiding electrical wires – but because they grow so tall, they can pose a safety issue if they get too close to those wires as well. Colorado blue spruces might be a better option since they’re a bit smaller and are known for being complimentary to all kinds of shrubs and flowers.
  • Foundation plantings – Certain foundation plantings will not only hide things like your trash cans or an outdoor A/C unit, but can help to beautify your yard even more. Take for example the butterfly bush, which grows purple, pink, blue and white colored flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Butterfly bushes can also grow up to ten feet high. A more subtle option is the Catmint, which blooms from the summer all the way through to the fall. The catmint grows up to four feet and has more of a grayish tone, which is balanced by small purple-blue flowers.

These are a few options that you can use in order to hide bulky and unsightly structures and equipment outside of your home. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your landscape, then be sure to contact us at Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte today.

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Common Lies About Koi Ponds

backyard streamSeveral misconceptions about Koi ponds have cropped up over the years. Such lies have made customers think twice before installing an ideal pond. This elaborated article should help debunk the myths commonly experienced by customers. More importantly, you should be in a better position to make informed decisions after reading this article.

A Fishpond Should Be Set Up in the Lowest Part of Your Yard

This is definitely the worst piece of advice you can get from a person. Koi ponds located at the furthest part are prone to run-off and can cause adverse financial loss. You might want to locate your fishpond closer to your house to witness serene beauty. Moreover, you can enjoy the panoramic view from your pond while drinking coffee.

You Can’t Be a Water Gardener and a Koi Hobbyist

Often heard, this is a major misconception that has been making the news. In essence, you can have an excellent water garden while also raising healthy fish species. A healthy fishpond provides for an ideal environment for the growth of healthy fish. A well-maintained fishpond contributes to a ripple effect by flourishing a water garden.

Koi Fish Species Must Be Brought Inside During Winter

Koi fish species are known to survive the harshest of winters worldwide. In such a situation, the fish species are biologically equipped to survive in oxygenated water with sufficient depth. A perforated ice block naturally acts as a medium for the transfer of gases.

Adequate Filtration Directly Translates to a Better Pond

Unknown to most pond owners, you can over-filter your pond without any effect. The tight filter pads have a unique ability to absorb tiny particles leading to a clean pond. The entire process is based on the constant filtering mechanism adopted by the tight filter pads. Your fish species will swim freely without any challenges.

UV Lights Are the Only Means to Keeping Your Water Clear

UV clarifiers are essentially the best but not the only technique to regulating clarity in your pond. A naturally balanced aquatic circle is sufficient enough to regulate healthy life for fish species. When Mother Nature does most of the work, you just have to maintain regular feeding habits.

Having a fishpond is undoubtedly a great experience. It’s advisable to consider the merits associated while shunning the misconceptions likely to hold you back from building one.

Learn more about pond construction and koi ponds, contact All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte, NC.


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Tips for Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape LightingOutdoor Landscape Lighting

It is hard to select the right mix of plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs to landscape your yard beautifully. Many homeowners forget about landscape lighting while they are choosing their plants. When the sun goes down, you are going to want all your choices you’ve worked so hard on to display as beautifully as they did during the day. Without proper landscape lighting, your hard work cannot be enjoyed at night. There are a few tips you can follow to ensure your hard landscaping efforts don’t disappear with the daylight. The experienced experts at All Natural Streams Landscaping are available to help.

Don’t let all your hard landscape work designs disappear with the daylight. By adding the proper lighting to your landscape, it will add beauty to your evening just as it did during the day. Not only do lights in your landscape enhance the design, but they are also practical, and an added security to your home. Following these professional, creative ideas, you can improve your yard with these landscape lighting designs.

  1. Use a Variety of Lights

Putting solar lights along your walkway is the first choice of many to add landscape lighting to their yard. While these lights are good, you will want more mood and atmosphere with your choices by using a variety of light types and styles in combination within your landscape. A mix of lighting can add a magical touch to your landscape at night.

  1. Choose your Highlights

Choose what you want to highlight in your landscape design. Are there particular trees or shrubs that would look better lit up than others? You may have a fountain which would definitely benefit with lights or perhaps a sitting area. One concept to keep in mind with lighting is that it does not always have to shine down like the sun; it can be placed on the ground and shine up.

  1. Cover the Basics

There are some must-haves to consider with landscape lighting. These areas should be lighted for safety and security reasons:

  • Patios
  • Trees
  • Entryways
  • Steps
  • Driveways
  • Any unique architectural elements
  1. Choosing Your Lights

The main choices for landscape lighting are your flood lights, path lights, and spotlights. Using a combination of these lights will create a more elaborate and decorative design to your property. A flood light will provide a broad beam of light to cover a large area, while the spot light will highlight a smaller area or object. The path lights will work ideally for walkways and paths.

Once you have chosen the style, you will need to decide on the type. An LED is becoming the standard as it will give you the best performance. A halogen will provide a higher intensity, whiter, and brighter light than the fluorescent. The halogen will also use more of your electricity and emit considerable heat. The fluorescent is cheaper and more energy efficient than the halogen, but there is a possible health risk associated with that choice.

  1. Test Your Selections

Your landscape lighting will need to be checked the first night to ensure the light is shining appropriately. You will need to ensure the light does not shine into your neighbors or your own windows. Shield the sources, so those on the street see only the light and not the fixtures.

Landscape lighting will add the final balance to all your hard efforts in creating a beautiful yard design. Beautifully planned and strategically placed landscape lighting helps keep your yard a magical masterpiece both day and night.

Learn more about landscape lighting in Charlotte NC. Contact All Natural Streams Landscaping.


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How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home or Business

Water Features in Charlotte, NC

Whether you own a home or a business, the curb appeal of your property is incredibly important. The way your landscape is designed can help boost your property’s value as well as provide a positive first impression of your business, which is essential for business owners who are attempting to draw customers in off the street.

Here at All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte, we provide both homeowners and business owners with a number of landscaping services that can help to improve their curb appeal, including landscape design services and pond construction services.

Our Landscape Design Services

We have earned a reputation for the quality of our landscape design services throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas. In fact, we’ve even placed first at the Southern Spring Show for our landscape design – two years in a row! Our highly-trained and experienced landscape artists use the most innovative techniques and highest quality materials to create unique landscape designs.

In addition to helping you to improve your property’s landscape design, we can also help to maintain it as well. We will regularly maintain your lawn and all of your lawn’s features, including its water features, to ensure that your property looks its best at all times. The following are some of the other specific landscape design services that we offer:

  • Customized stone work
  • Water feature construction
  • Patio design and construction
  • Outdoor garden lighting design and installation
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Yard drainage repair and construction

Our Pond Construction Services

One of our landscape design services that is particularly popular here in Charlotte is our pond construction service. Ponds help to add a natural element to your property that can help create a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. For homeowners, the addition of a pond can act as a small oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here at All Natural Streams Landscaping, we can help with the following pond construction services:

  • Pond design
  • Pond construction and maintenance
  • Pond water maintenance, cleaning and filtration
  • Koi pond construction and maintenance
  • Koi fish care and maintenance

Improving your landscape design by adding a pond can go a long way towards increasing your property’s curb appeal. If you’re interested in improving your landscape by using our landscape design or pond construction services, then be sure to contact us at All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte to schedule an appointment today.


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Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscape

Water Features in Charlotte, NCThe sound of running water offers a peaceful and tranquil feeling to people. You can find yourself relaxing and looking at life from a whole new perspective when sitting near a quiet brook or gentle stream. This contemplative space can also be a part of your landscape by adding a water feature to your backyard.

When you add a water feature to your backyard, you create a peaceful place to go when life just gets to fast paced. It will be a place to step back and breathe easier as the water works its magic to help you relax. These backyard features also add a wonderful look to your area and will also bring in wildlife for you to enjoy. There are several ways you can go to create this ideal area.

Running Water without a Pond

Waterfalls or a stream with a series of waterfalls can cascade into a hidden reservoir covered in beautiful stones or rocks. This system will offer you the sound of running water without the upkeep of a pond. When you don’t have an open pond, you don’t have to worry about fencing for safety as animals or people cannot fall into an open water area.

Water Fountains

Fountain systems come in a variety of designs. You can create a formal looking fountain with water continuously running through or a simpler water feature with recirculating water. The fountain is perhaps the most economical way to add a water feature to your landscape. With any design you choose, they collect water in a basin, and a small pump will then pump it back up to the top.


A pond is the most popular backyard water feature, and new technology allows you to create one that can be its own self-contained ecosystem. Your pond can be a simple pool that contains gentle bubbles, or a large one with huge boulders that when designed correctly will blend perfectly with your environment.

Adding a water feature to your landscape can be something small that will accent what you have in your yard, or it can be more complex and become the focal point. If you find moving water to be soothing and beautiful, contact a landscape expert to determine which design will work best for you and your budget.

To learn about a water feature for your backyard, contact the experts at All Natural Streams Landscaping – 704-577-4306.

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Finding the Best Landscape Design Company

Pond and Patio 2Landscaping can help increase your home’s value. Nonetheless, the exercise can only be successful if you choose the best landscape design company in your locality. Your landscape design forms an integral part of your garden. Therefore, it only needs to be handled by experts. Choosing the right company for the job is tricky because there are many companies out there that purport to offer the service.

When hiring a landscape design company, there are several important factors that you need to put into consideration. These include your timeline, the size and complexity of the project, and your budget for the project. An in-depth consideration of these factors will enable you pinpoint a company that is suitable. Good landscaping designers have the following qualities, which you should look out for.


It is advisable to hire a landscape design company that is licensed by relevant authorities. Unlike unlicensed firms, they can be held accountable in the event that the work done doesn’t meet your specifications. Licensed companies are also likely to uphold high standards. It is also easier for any complaints to be acted upon by authorities when you choose a licensed firm. Before hiring a landscape designer, ascertain that he/she has a current license, which proves that they have legal authorization to operate.

Client Reviews

In the event that you intend to hire a landscape design firm that has been in operation for a while, it is imperative to check out its client reviews. This goes beyond perusing what is being said about the landscaping company on the Internet. Make a point to visit the gardens of its past clients to establish whether the quality of work done suits your standards. During such visits, you should ask the past clients about the quality of workmanship and professionalism. This will help you make an appropriate decision concerning your upcoming project.


Since the landscape design project will be undertaken on your property, you need to be consulted from the start till the end. This means that the company chosen must be willing to incorporate your ideas into the project. Openness to communication guarantees the success of the landscape design. The company must listen to whatever your opinion is towards the project and also provide you with regular updates about its progress. This gives you a sense of ownership towards the landscaping design project.

To schedule your landscape design quote, contact All Natural Streams Landscaping at 704-577-4306.

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