10 Tips for Hiring a Quality Landscape Designer

Your landscape has a big impact on your property, whether it’s your home or your business. A good landscape design can help to improve your property’s curb appeal. Not only can this help to improve the value of your property, it can attract more customers for businesses as well. However, a good landscape design is highly dependent on a good landscape designer. There are a lot of different landscape designers out there, some of which are better than others. The following are ten tips for choosing a high quality, reputable Charlotte landscape designer:

  1. Ask friends and family for referrals – One of the easiest ways to begin finding landscape design companies is by asking friends and family who they use. Be sure to take a look at their property before taking their word for it. If they suggest a landscape designer and you don’t like how their landscape looks, you might want to ignore their recommendation!
  2. Look at online reviews – Do a little research to figure out what the overall reputation of a landscape designer is by checking online reviews at sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Remember, most companies aren’t going to have flawless track records. Even the best of the best may have one or two negative reviews. Be sure to compare both positive and negative reviews to get a good idea of their reputation.
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau – Find out if there were any complaints about the landscape designer submitted to the Better Business Bureau and whether the company did anything to address those complaints.
  4. Check the landscape designer’s website – A high quality landscape designer should have a high quality website. A huge part of a landscaping designer’s job is to make something look aesthetically pleasing. If their site looks bad, it’s a bad sign. Most landscape design companies should have examples of their work on their site as well.
  5. Ask each landscape designer for referrals – A reputable landscape designer should have no problem giving you the contact information for a few of their previous clients so that you can ask them about their experience. If they refuse to give out referrals, it’s a bad sign.
  6. Compare experience – The more experience a landscaping company has, the better. It means they know what they’re doing and will be better equipped to figure out solutions to any landscaping problems that might arise. Also, landscaping businesses that have been around for a while generally have a good reputation.
  7. Ask about eco-friendly practices – Make sure that they use eco-friendly landscaping practices. Eco-friendly landscapers often use compost, make a genuine effort to conserve water and avoid the use of harsh chemicals.
  8. Compare cost – While you shouldn’t choose a landscape designer based on which services are the cheapest, the cost can matter if you’re on a budget.
  9. Ask about licenses and insurance – Make sure that the company you decide to work with has the appropriate license to perform the landscaping work you need. Never choose a landscape designer that doesn’t have liability insurance either. You want to make sure that they are financially responsible should your property be damaged in anyway during the course of their landscaping service.
  10. Ask about affiliations, certifications and awards – Different affiliations, certifications and awards are a good sign of a landscaper’s reputation as well as the quality of their work.

These are ten of the things that you should look for when searching for a reputable landscape designer that does high quality work. Be sure to contact us at Natural Streams in order to find out more information about our landscape design services in the Charlotte area today.

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Pond Construction: Why is This Service Important for You?

Backyard Streams

Numerous people choose to hire pond construction experts to install ponds and fountains in their properties. Since these experts can also offer other services, clients will get more from their landscaping services than what they can imagined. If you’re still having second thoughts about this service, here are some reasons why having a pond and garden is important for you:

Experience Utmost Relaxation

Relaxation is important today as people are suffering from stress induced by work and other causes. Seeing the calm water in a pond and the green color of your garden can promote relaxation. Water and plants are parts of nature, which have a relaxing effect and will be helpful for you in the long run.

A collaboration study reported that the sight of nature provides a unique type of rest. Nature softly stimulate the brain, giving it a good rest while keeping it engaged at the same time. This clears the mind and promotes total body relaxation. The same study claims that this effect can be achieved by simply looking at images of nature. Therefore, it’s highly possible to get better effects if you can see actual elements of nature.

Give You a Quick Escape to Nature

Many people complain that they need a break and want to take a vacation. However, their schedules keep them from doing so. Through pond construction, you’ll somehow have a piece of nature right at your backyard. You can simply step out of the house during your free time and enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature. Even if it’s only for several hours, you’ll have a short vacation without spending a lot of money.

Since you can consider this as a quick escape, you’ll prevent the negative consequences of not taking a vacation as said in numerous studies. Consequences include negative health effects, low productivity, and strained personal relationships.

Improve Your Home’s Appeal and Value

A property is considered one’s personal investment. Some want to improve their investments by selling their properties or putting them on rent in the future. Through landscaping, a property will have higher value, which means higher price on sales or high rental rates.

Landscape designing, even as simple as adding a pond or outdoor lighting, can make a difference in improving your home’s appeal and value. You can also adjust the landscape design according to your preference or after considering a home appraiser’s recommendations.

Get that Feeling of Satisfaction

One of the best things about constructing a pond is that it gives you a feeling of satisfaction in terms of investment. Seeing that your house is improving tells you that your money is going to something useful. Whether the benefit is for mere relaxation or higher property sales value, you’ll feel that you get the value for your money and have not wasted it on other things.

To wrap up, pond construction is important for you due to its benefits. It’s now easy to get this landscaping element constructed on your backyard with the help of experts. Consult them about the best design within your budget and personal design taste.


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Essential Details to Check Before Hiring a Pond Construction Company

Pond construction is now popular among property owners after discovering its importance for home design. If you’re considering it, take note of the following things to look for in a pond construction service provider to maximize its benefits:

Offered Services

Pond contractors mainly offer pond and fountain construction, but they can also offer other services. Knowing their other service is beneficial for you since you can get all the services that you need from one company.

Other services that you can get from these professionals are outdoor lighting, landscape designing and maintenance, stone work, and others. Of course, not all pond contractors may offer these services, but you can check their services online to be sure of their offers.

In-house Experts

Landscape designing and construction require unique skill sets. Not all landscape designers can build their designs. Construction experts don’t necessarily make the design or lack creativity to create the design that appeals to you. This highlights the importance of looking a company that houses both types of experts or someone who possesses both skills to get the result you deserve.

Aside from experts, you must also check their years of service in the industry. It’s best to choose a company with in-house experts who long years of experience in doing their jobs. Years of service also expose them to various situations that help them come up with better and more efficient construction process, which lowers down expenses that come with construction.

Years of Operation

While years of experience for the actual expert is important, a company’s years of operation is another vital element to check. The number of years help you gauge whether a company is reliable or not. Companies that have been in the industry for a long time closed contracts with clients and continue to provide service within their areas. This means these businesses are stable and are less likely to leave a project hanging.

Checking a pond construction company’s years of operation lessens the chances of working with scammers. Scams take in various forms when it comes to landscaping. In some cases, you may pay more money for substandard construction materials. Reliable companies ensure that they work with reliable suppliers, ensuring they’ll retain the same quality results expected from them.


Reviews are the main factors surrounding credibility. Receiving lots of positive reviews from past clients is a good indicator whether a company is credible or not. Look for reviews about the service providers of your choice and select the one that’s most reliable according to other clients.

The good thing about looking for reviews is it’s easy to detect legitimate reviews from clients from paid reviews by service providers. Some business listing sites also moderate reviews and keep them from being posted if they came from specific IP addresses or if they look suspicious or too repetitive. This will help you work with the best in the industry and ensure good outcome in your home.


The last thing to check is the rate. What you’re looking for is reasonable rate rather than extremely cheap fees. Remember that you’re paying for construction materials together with the service. Cheap prices on materials are possible signs of substandard quality, which won’t last long once constructed. Compare rates offered by reliable companies to ensure you’ll get the value for your money.

Finding a good pond construction company is essential to ensure good landscape design and quality construction. Keep these details in mind as you shop around and you’re guaranteed to work with the best in the field.

To learn more about pond construction and landscape design, contact the experts at All Natural Streams Landscaping.


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Highlighting the Environmental Benefits of Pond Construction

Pond Construction in Charlotte NC

Pond construction has numerous benefits for your home. However, its benefit is often attributed to promoting your property’s aesthetic appeal. The truth is having your own pond at home has its own positive effect for the environment.

Set a Habitat for Fishes

Balance is crucial in maintaining a pond, which is attainable by having fishes to live in it. Fishes eat algae and minimize algae buildup. By having a pond, you’ll experience its relaxing benefits while setting a habitat for fishes.

The good thing about taking care of pond fishes is you’re giving them a natural habitat. There’s a big difference in letting them swim in ponds and placing them in regular aquariums. They feel as if they are still in their original habitat without people tapping the aquarium just to catch their attention.

Choosing fishes for your pond is easy. Options include kois or small goldfishes to place in your pond and let them experience a man-made habitat with a natural feel.

Energy Conservation

Energy consumption is possible with pond construction. Having a pond will keep you from getting cooling systems like misting machines to cool you down during summer. The evaporation process occurring in ponds will cool your lawn naturally.

Even if you’re indoors, you can keep yourself from using cooling systems by simply walking out to your garden or pond area. This will give you the cooling that you need.

Energy conservation here is where you won’t use electrical cooling appliances. It may not be as much, but not using these systems will minimize fumes and heat produced in power plants. With more people adapting this energy conservation method, power plants will have to generate lesser power and minimize heat that affect the environment.

Water features also consume less energy despite their elaborate setup. People will save a lot of money from saving energy while minimizing heat produced by the system installed with ponds.

Promote Oxygen

You may think of making your pond a habitat for fishes, but remembering the importance of balance in pond maintenance is a must. Adding water plants to the pond will make this possible. Not only will water plants promote balance in ponds, they will also contribute in oxygen production after using carbon dioxide from air.

Aside from water plants, designing a pond means adding more plants as accent or for better landscape design. More plants mean more oxygen to the environment, which helps in balancing pollution.

Attract New Animals to Your House

While you’re setting a natural habitat for fishes, birds and other animals may also find your garden a good habitat. According to a study, urban spaces tend to stress out birds and even lead them to premature death. The same may also apply to other animals. Setting up a good pond and garden area will somehow give them a comfortable place to minimize the negative effects of urban life.

Minimize Noise

Ponds and fountains can minimize noise as flowing water through sound masking. Since your pond is only in your property, it may only minimize noise within your property area. This will help you sleep better and feel relaxed since you won’t hear as much noise coming from your surroundings. Expert contractors recommend placing fountains, ponds and waterfall near the kitchen, bedroom or decks to start minimizing noise.

Hiring pond construction services will give you tons of benefits, but it also has its small contribution to the environment. Its environmental benefits may be insignificant at first, but give it some time and you’ll see the difference it makes in your surroundings.


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Useful Home Services Offered with Pond Construction

Water FeaturesGetting pond construction services for your home is considered beneficial for property investment. As you look for experts who will build your pond, you’ll be surprised to know that they also offer other kinds of services.

General Landscaping Design Services

Pond contractors’ expertise is not limited to designing and building ponds. Many of them are house landscape designers who can redesign your yard. These experts are experienced in creating landscape designs according to their clients’ requirements. Most of them worked for years in the industry, giving them the experience in designing landscapes that are both convenient and aesthetically appealing.

Landscape designers possess great knowledge about various design themes. They studied modern and traditional lawn designing to ensure their clients will get the design they have in mind.

Talk to these experts and tell them your preferred design or theme. They can create the design and layout details to let you know about what it will look like after completing the project. You can also discuss various details so that they can set the design according to what you imagined.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Modern landscaping incorporates special lighting systems to boost a property’s value. Experts in constructing ponds also offer outdoor lighting installation services for your garden. They utilize an array of outdoor light types that suit your requirements. The most common ones are garden lights that are typically used as accents for garden designs, illuminating this colorful part of your lawn at night to bring out its beauty.

If you’re getting a pond constructed, you can also consider using in-water lighting. These are submersible LED lighting that will illuminate the water in the pond. These lighting solutions are made from special materials and constructed by experts to prevent water from seeping in its electronic parts. You don’t have to worry about damaging the LED bulbs as they are designed to be underwater.

Other special lighting options are also available that function differently. Examples are solar-powered light and motion-activated light systems.

Stone Work and Paving Services

Ponds use a variety of rocks as part of their designs. This implies that pond construction experts are knowledgeable in doing stone works and paving your pathwalks. You can choose from an array of stone options that will complement your chosen theme and landscape design. This service will be beneficial if you think your current pathwalk needs improvement or if you want to set it up from scratch.

Patio Designing

Patio designing may seem to be out of a landscaper’s expertise, but the truth is these experts can also do this job. Most of the time, landscaping extends to patios being an area outdoors. You can ask landscapers to come up with patio design with other elements that you need. Some people settle for decking or placing seating options to entertain guests. However, modern patios can now have outdoor cooking facilities and other patio essentials that you can get from pond contractors.

Landscape Maintenance

The beauty of landscape design won’t last forever as weathering elements can deteriorate stones and wood elements used for designing your lawns. Your garden may also look dull after some time. Luckily, you can trust a pond contractor to maintain your lawn. They can change stones, place new garden lighting, improve pond drainage system, and do other lawn services.

Overall, pond construction companies extend numerous services that will suit your needs as a property owner. Contact an expert to know what other services they offer together with pond and water feature construction.


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Why Pond Construction is the Heart of Modern Landscape Design?

Many contractors now offer pond construction as they consider it as the heart of modern landscaping. Landscaping experts have numerous reasons why they think having a pond is an important part of today’s landscape designing like the following:

Aesthetic that Suits Modern Landscape Design

Landscaping is all about aesthetics. Design elements like ponds, Zen gardens, benches, trellises and others contribute to beautiful landscape designs.

Modern landscape designs come in different themes, but a property owner can easily match their chosen themes with the right pond design by including expert designers in the planning process. Designers can choose different rock types, layouts, and other details to ensure a pond will suit contemporary landscape designs or incorporate a touch of classic or traditional designs.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance is also important in modern landscape designing. People today are busy and most don’t have the time to maintain their ponds. By default, pond construction is easy to clean with its low maintenance water features. What people need to do is regular cleaning to prevent clogging and algae buildup. Pond contractors can simplify the maintenance process by creating ponds with convenient designs. Homeowners can get around their ponds with ease for hassle-free cleaning.

Also, today’s modern technology gives way to convenient cleaning procedures as drainage systems can be customized for simple cleaning and maintenance. Experts can design drainage systems that are easy to use for property owners who have no time for cleaning.

Cleaning solutions meant for ponds are also available like anti-bacterial cleaners. They have special formulas meant for home ponds. Using these solutions on the pond water can reduce odors and eliminate fecal matter. Special formulas can also break down algae that have been forming in the pond, which means easy cleaning. Homeowners can expect short hours of scraping and scrubbing them off rocks and tiles.

Provides Comfort

Modern landscaping integrates comfort as its aesthetically appealing design provides relaxation. With ponds, homeowners will experience natural cooling effects at their garden through pond water. Sunlight and heat cause water to evaporate, which promotes cooling effect. Having a pond will definitely be beneficial during summertime due to the fast evaporation process brought by heat. Areas that are experience hot temperature all year round will greatly benefit from having a pond.

Benefits in Increasing Property Value

Choosing modern landscape design gives higher value to a property. Adding a pond will definitely amp up this benefit. People think that ponds require high-technology and comprehensive network of pipes and drainage. This water and drainage system translates to additional expenses done for homes, which will boost a property’s value.


Contrary to popular opinion, a pond constructed in your property is not that expensive. You can set a design according to your needs and budget. It’s easy to talk to contractors and ask for the design that won’t make you spend a fortune.

Additionally, it’s easy to get quotes for this service online. This gives you the chance to shop around until you find the right service provider to do the job for you.

Without a doubt, pond construction has numerous features that make it the heart of modern landscaping including water features. Getting a pond constructed at your home will definitely give you the modern landscape design of your dreams while experiencing its other benefits.

To learn more about Pond Construction and Landscape Design, contact the Experts at All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte, NC. 704-577-4306.

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Services Offered by a Landscape Designer

The outdoor area of every home is often the last to get design attention, but this should not be the case as the landscape surrounding your property is as important as what is inside it. Whatever type of landscape design you pick whether it is a manicured front lawn, a stone-paved pathway or an intricate garden design, landscapes must receive the same attention and detail that anywhere inside your home would get.

If landscape design ideas are well executed, they can complement your home’s whole aesthetic. Having the right plants, shrubbery and flowers can greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding texture, color, and fragrance to your property. It is wise to understand the duties of a landscape designer so as to know what will suit your home or taste. This brings us to the services offered by a landscape designer.

A landscape designer offers a number of services and concepts see some of them below (including pond construction and water features).

Landscape Design Steps for Garden Construction

The below addresses some of the steps involved in the development of a garden design by a landscape designer.

Concept Plan

This is a general plan of your garden including plan views, 3D drawings and elevations, samples of materials, images or photos of the critical landscape design elements, and the recommended plant species. This plan provides homeowners with a clear idea and visual image of their new garden. A preliminary cost for your garden installation may be given at this point.

Complying Developments and Applications

A landscape designer can manage the process of meeting developments and requests for homeowners including the preparing the necessary plans and documents for their submission. Alternatively, a landscape designer can choose to work with the Architect if it is a very large project and involves some part of the property.

Construction Documentation

This is a preparation of the detailed drawings for the garden construction of the project which is crucial to providing clarity and ensuring the level of finishing synonymous with projects. It includes detailed specifications and drawings for all key building elements like swimming pools, pergolas, and decks, as well as outdoor kitchens and lighting plans, planting plans with a complete schedule of all finishes.


There can be a fire element present (this creates a space where family and friends gather for warmth following a swim in the pool). You can have built-in entertainment system centers thereby bringing the inside outdoors. Decorative pottery and landscape lighting can complement these grand outside areas.

Water Features and Pond Construction

Flowing water is also a peaceful and soothing addition to your garden. It can help turn your landscape to something special, making your surroundings a focal point that attracts wildlife. Before deciding which water feature to use, it is wise to keep the below considerations in mind:

The Background Noise

Do you want to mask objectionable road noise or disturbance from adjacent houses?

Water Feature Placement

Make the water feature placed between you and the background noise. Try to raise the proximity of your water feature to your home so as to hide a loud background sound.

The Water Action

After knowing how aggressive water sound is, it becomes much easier to figure out if what you want is:

  • A trickling sound
  • A falling sheet
  • A rushing sound

The Visual Effect

Ask yourself questions like, how much drama am I trying to create? Bear in mind that intimate spaces will require less when it comes to making an impact. But a grand scale needs something more compelling.

Safety Considerations

Are there young children that need consideration? If there are eliminate standing water or pools.

What About Fish and Other Living Organisms?

Will require a number of maintenance requirements.


Ask yourself questions like who will maintain the water feature? Ensure you use state-of-the-art or automated equipment to make maintenance easy. Note that some kinds of weekly maintenance are required.

What About Pre-Cast Fountains?

Comes in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors and the cost is relatively lesser than any other water feature or fountain.


Ensure the fountain can hold enough water so that it doesn’t run low as a result of evaporation.


Go for a small equipment package including pump, time clock, filter, chlorinator, or any other purification system. Do not forget to include water fill line.

Are you Going for Waterfalls?

When people hear falling water, they associate it with nature which is why a waterfall will always be a focal point that explores life in any garden. Place it for optimal viewing from inside the house, patios, and terraces.

What About Rocks?

Synthetic Rocks

If there isn’t access to the proper equipment, then a synthetic rock can serve as the best alternative. Also because of the shadow and layering associated with natural rock, it is preferable to use it as a backdrop, that is augmented with the smaller hand placed option (of natural rock).

Natural Rocks

When it is possible to use natural rock, bear in mind that the texture and layering of real stone cannot be simulated with complete realism. Additionally, considering the incredible weight of natural rock, it is important that there is access to heavy equipment.

Architectural Fountains

Landscaping with ponds and fountains adds calm and character to your backyard. There isn’t any limit to imagination regarding fountain design. A fountain remains the statement in a garden. It is a keystone that ties every element together. Fountains must evoke the style and theme of the architecture of both the home and the garden.

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