Water Features – Three Things That Your Landscaping Contractor Won’t Tell You

Are you contemplating on the inclusion of nice water features into your landscape design? Water features certainly do have a special place in landscape design. You might have put in a lot of thinking into your water garden design but the final output will depend greatly on a number of things. You will therefore need to execute your designs very carefully. You should select a highly reliable and reputed landscaping contractor to execute your project. When you are in the process of giving shape to your ideas remember to pay attention to the following areas, which your landscaping contractor won’t tell you.

#1 Cheaper alternatives

As far as landscaping and landscape designs are concerned, the same water feature idea could be implemented in a number of ways. Unless you are working with a trusted contractor, they will not share with you the cheaper alternatives available to implement or execute your ideas. It is your responsibility to be upfront in discussing the various possibilities and options that are available for the implementation of your design ideas. A reputed landscaping contractor will however will try to provide you with the most economical option possible.

#2Possible maintenance challenges

Some of the water features may be very good when they are ideas, but when you actually implement certain ideas they could prove to be cumbersome when it comes to maintenance. At times, your contractor will not be ready so share with you such challenges lest you get discouraged. At times, it could be that your landscaping company itself is not aware of the long term maintenance challenges with regard to the specific type of water feature that you are planning to implement. You will need to take into account all the maintenance challenges that you are likely to face before you actually implement your water garden design.

#3 Whether they have adequate experience in building similar designs

Unless you ask, your contractor will not volunteer the information whether they have prior experience in executing water features that you are requesting. Before you hire a landscaping contractor, you will need to take time to review their portfolio. If possible, you should also visit few of their projects. An experienced landscaping contractor will not only have an impressive portfolio but they will also be happy to showcase their projects without any hesitation. Having prior experience in dealing with similar water feature projects is certainly a plus point because your contractor will be aware of the possible glitches involved in executing your ideas and will have suitable solutions. Lack of adequate experience will result in poor quality work and also subsequent maintenance issues. You should therefore make it a point to check with your contractor the nature of the experience that they possess when it comes to implementing water features that are similar to your requirements. you will certainly not regret investing enough time in screening your service providers. Make wise choices so that you get exactly what you want.

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Three Mistakes To Avoid While Launching Your Landscaping Project

Landscape Designer in Charlotte NCAre you busy searching for a landscape designer in Charlotte, NC? When you are into a landscaping project, you are very likely to be overwhelmed with the entire process. You are also very likely to be highly enthusiastic about your project. In their enthusiasm to come up with the best landscape design, many people overlook certain key factors, make mistakes and regret later. If you are in the landscape design process, here are three important mistakes to avoid.

#1 Signing up before getting a detailed written quote

While it may be true that you are highly enthusiastic about your landscape design project and want to get things done right away, it is important that you get a detailed written quote before you can proceed. It is not enough to get an approximate quote but you should provide your requirements in detail and you should finalize your requirements so that your landscaping company could provide you with a detailed quote, which will include all the features of your landscaping design. This will help you get a clear picture about the cost involved for your project and help you plan better.

#2 Never opt for designs that do not fit your budget

Getting a detailed quote will help you decide whether a particular project is within your budget or not. If you should find that the quote does not fit your budget then you should look for alternative options. You should not try to stretch yourself too thin and jump into the design process because your project could be stalled midway for the want of funds. It is one thing to get the landscape design that you like and it totally another managing to get things done within your budget. Many a times, homeowners jump into their landscaping projects without really calculating the total costs. They simply keep adding new features as they go along and finally end up with a bill that they are not happy about.

#3 Never work with a company that has limited experience

In an effort to get the cheapest quotes homeowners sometimes end up signing up with inexperienced landscaping companies. To successfully execute your landscaping project and to deliver it on time needs vast experience. If you do not work with an experienced designer, you may not get the desired output. You could also end up with other issues such as frequent maintenance issues due to improper installations, etc. To avoid all these hassles and risks, you should choose only the most experienced service provider. Before you hire your Charlotte, NC landscape designer, you should carefully review their portfolio. If possible, visit some of their landscaping project. If you skip all these basics, you will regret later. Added to that it will also help to find a company that enjoys good reputation. Do not choose your landscaping company randomly. The experience of your landscaping company plays a very important role in getting satisfactory services. Choose your landscaping design services wisely and create landscape designs that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

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How To Convert Your Boring Outdoor Space Into Beautiful Landscape

People are ready to spend thousands if not millions of dollars more for a home with a view when compared to a similar home that has no view. If you are lucky enough to own a house with some outdoor space then you can create you too have one of those homes with a view but without necessarily having to spend that much. Tasteful landscape design can convert any boring space into an interesting and the most stunning space. Most people have terribly wrong notions about landscape designing. We think that only those with a massive outdoor space should go for landscape design and this is not true. Any space regardless of its size can be converted into a visually engaging space.

To start with the process of converting your dull and dreary outdoor space to captivating space, you first need to talk to an experienced landscape designer. We would like to emphasize the word “experienced” because it matters a great deal when it comes to landscape designing. Someone with vast experience will be able to come up with numerous options for the given space from which you can select something that fits your needs and preferences.

Once you have identified your landscape designer, you will need to share your preferences and what you would like to have in the given space so that your landscapist can advise you on the feasibility. It is also not uncommon for homeowners not to have any specific idea or concept in mind when they start their landscaping project. If this sounds like you then you can go in for a brainstorming session with your landscaping service provider to listen to what they can possibly do with that space. Short list the ideas that they give you in the order you like them.

After having a list of ideas that you can possibly use for your space, you need to get quotes for at least the top three ideas to see what fits in your budget. When you are selecting the right design for your landscape, you will need to take into account the maintenance challenges that you are likely to face with any design that you choose. Very often homeowners jump for fancy landscaping ideas without taking into account long terms maintenance considerations and end up facing trouble. Here again working with an experienced expert will help because landscaping experts with vast experience will be able to guide you better on such matters.

Before finalizing your design and your quote, go through as many design ideas as possible. You will be able to find countless ideas on the internet, which you could consider for your space. You can mix and match different layouts and create your own unique outdoor space. In case you are planning to have water features in your design, make sure that your design is in compliance with the local regulations on such matters to avoid unnecessary complications at a later stage.

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Five Important Factors That You Should Know About Landscaping Pond Construction

A garden pond always has a special place in landscaping. Even if it is a small pond, if it tastefully constructed by an experienced landscape design charlotte expert will accentuate the beauty of your outdoor space giving it a soothing feel. Before you go ahead with your pond construction project, there are a few important factors that you should know and take into account.

backyard stream

#1 Finding The Best Pond Construction Company

The success of your pond construction project or the other landscaping water features project will depend greatly on the experience of the landscaping company. Discuss your requirements with an experienced landscaping company and let your landscaping contractor understand your requirements fully. Discussing your requirements with your pond construction company will help you establish the technical feasibilities of constructing a pond in the given space.

#2 What Else To Go With Your Pond?

In your landscape design, your pond is just one of the features, it is therefore important to decide other features that you would like to add to your pond such as custom stone work, a waterfall to go with it, lawn and a garden, etc. You will need to decide ahead of time what other features that you would like to incorporate. If you work with an experienced landscape designer, they will incorporate your ideas and preferences into the design.

#3 Total Budget For The Project

It is one thing to fancy grand landscaping design ideas, pond construction, etc., but it is totally another thing to have your landscaping project executed within your budget. Before you proceed with your plans, you will need to establish the final quote. Make sure to get a detailed quote so that you know in advance, what exactly it is going to cost you. You need to freeze your requirements and if you keep changing your requirements on the go, your quote will continue to change. You can take as much time as you need to brainstorm landscaping ideas and take into account every possible factor into account. Do not try to rush through this process.

#4 Safety Compliance

This is a very important factor to be taken into account. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to comply with the local safety guidelines. This is where again the experience of your landscaping company matters a great deal. Work with a local landscaping company that is familiar with the local safety guidelines so that you do not run into any issues with the authorities later.

#5 Quality Of The Installation

Your pond has to be constructed professionally. If you want to make sure that you do not run into frequent maintenance issues with your pond, it has to be installed professionally using quality supplies. Working with a reputed contractor is one of the best ways to ensure quality construction and to get the best value for your money.

Including a pond in your landscaping design is certainly worth the challenge but it is worth the efforts.

Learn more about landscape design in Charlotte NC by All Natural Streams Landscaping.

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The Best Landscape Designer

The Landscape Designer at All Natural Streams I hired truly lived up to my expectation. His work left me spellbound and awestruck. In my opinion, no one would have done a better job. I would recommend his services to those who wish to beautify their housing or office.

Opt for the Best Service in Pond Construction

Landscape designing is more than just scenery. It is the art of turning something good into something beautiful. People these days are continuously looking for a landscape designer who constructs beautiful landscapes with a blend of natural beauty and homely charm. Increased standard of living is one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of landscape designing for residential and commercial properties. It is believed that landscaping can increase the property value manifold over the property’s estimated value.

It is always better to hire a professional Landscape Designer who has years of experience and expertise in the field. There are many factors that go into landscaping, one of which is home protection. Landscape designing at a nascent stage of home building is advisable, as poorly designed homes with inferior services can lead to early damage, incurring high repair charges compared to professional landscaping.  A professional landscaper will have proper knowledge pertaining to raw materials, additional supplies, and the best location for implementing gardens, waterfalls, streams, and ponds to name a few. A good landscape designer will also take into consideration climactic fluctuations and will ensure that your landscape looks the best all year round.

Gardens are a popular, natural element which people love to introduce to their housing or office premises. Having a professional designer to assist will help you determine which plants will suit the soil and the climate of your location. The expert will consider such factors as height, soil condition, light conditions and many others before laying out a suitable plan for the construction.

A landscape designer will give you a lay out of the area when designed so you can make the necessary changes and get a rough idea of how it will look like when finished. Constructing a pond can work beautifully with some natural elements such as lush green nurseries and some vibrant and colorful blooms. The expert can also design patios, pools, fountains, outdoor lighting. Pond Construction is an amazing way of attracting birds and animals in the vicinity. Request the expert to build a habitable space for them all.

Water Features make for a distinctive addition, making the premise more attractive and beautiful. Request the designer to build beautiful streams around your luscious garden or a waterfall overlooking your nursery. Landscaping also involves watering the lawn and plants regularly, trimming trees and bushes, fertilizing the soil, and implementing pest control methods regularly. You may request the expert for regular maintenance of your beautified premises.

Landscaping is an excellent solution for those who wish to enhance the value of their property for reselling.  If you want to make the exterior of your home more beautiful, you should hire a professional landscaper to visit your home and create your own personal paradise. It is preferable to hire a certified landscape designer it guarantees that he or she comes from a technical background.  Look for experts online and connect with them on Social Media websites. Make sure that you communicate your requirements to the expert before you hire one.

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Five Things That You Should Know Before Venturing Into Your Landscaping Project

An experienced landscape designer can convert any dull and dreary space that deserves no second look into an amazing feature filled space and that is what makes many homeowners flock to such experienced landscape designers to add beauty to their homes. Each landscaping company has their own pet themes that they specialize in and similarly for any given period of time there will be a few popular landscape features that every homeowner would want to have in their home. One such trending feature these days is to include a water feature like landscape streams and ponds in their landscape. When you are busy planning and executing your landscaping project there are certain things that you should know before you take a deep plunge so that you get exactly what you want with your space. Here are five important things that you should know before venturing into your landscaping project or before setting up your water features or ponds. It is not prudent to ignore these factors.

#1 As a homeowner you should first know your own preferences on what you need, list of things that your landscape should include and things that you would not rather include. Without this list you are likely to take a lot of time reviewing ideas and you will be all over the show not able to narrow down what exactly you need.

#2 Secondly, if you want to include certain features such as landscape streams, water features or ponds in your landscape project you should take time to first understand the long term responsibilities involved in maintaining these water features. When you approach your landscape designer you should not forget to ask questions relating to these factors.

#3 Thirdly, when you want to set up ponds, streams or other water features in your landscape, you should check out whether there are any restrictions in your area on setting up such features, whether you need any special permit or license etc. So that you do not incur any fines or penalties at a later stages. These restrictions vary from one place to the other and that is why it is important to work with a local landscaping company that is familiar with such requirements.

#4 You should make a list of top landscape designers in your area that are capable of handling challenging landscape design jobs such as yours, a landscape designer that will treat your project as a special project. In other words, you need to make a list of reputed landscaping companies in your area from which you could select a company to execute your landscaping plans.

#5 You should know how much it is going to cost you to execute your grand landscaping project and weather you have the required budget. Try to get quotes from the most trusted landscaping companies. Make sure that your landscaping company understands your requirements and your preferences fully while giving you the quote to avoid any surprise bills at a later stage.

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Landscape Design – Dealing With The Dilemmas

Are you all enthusiastic about beautifying your outdoor space with your latest landscape design project? Yes, landscape designing is certainly a very interesting process but at the same time, we should admit that you are likely to face number of challenges before you successfully complete your landscaping project. Though the challenges are many in executing and successfully completing your landscaping project, we are going to focus on the dilemmas that you are likely to face during this process, how they can hamper the pace of the project and how to deal with them effectively. We can say that there is no landscaping project without dilemmas. Yes, every homeowner has to tread through the path of dilemmas when it comes to landscape design. With every dilemma, there is a subsequent time delay. Every time you are faced with issues on deciding what you exactly need, there is a certain amount of delay. If you are a person that keeps changing his or her mind as the project progresses then you can never be sure of the total expenses that you are likely to incur on the entire landscaping project and overall timeline for the completion of the project. Each time you change your mind, you put your landscaping contractor into series of execution challenges and some of your choices could involve rework, which will shoot up your costs unnecessarily. How then do deal with these issues and at the same time get something that you really like? Before you embark on your landscaping project, first try to look around as much as possible so that you know the options that are available. Talk to your landscape designer and express your preferences needs and choices. Try to give as much information as possible to your landscape designer on your special landscaping needs don’t worry about keeping your ideas and thoughts coherent at the time of discussion, things will get clarified and become coherent at a later stage provided you are dealing with an experienced landscape design expert. List everything that you fancy such as garden streams, water features, water fountains, garden, pond construction and so on. At this stage do not worry about the practical feasibilities let your landscape contractor worry about the possibilities. As a homeowner, just list everything you need and this way, you will minimize the chances of changing your plans once the project commences. Moreover, it is much easier to design the garden that you want when your landscape designer knows what exactly you are looking for rather than trying to fit in your changing ideas as things progress. You should also take into account your budget for the entire project. Whenever you are faced with a dilemma let your budget guide you in the decision making process. For example if you are confused whether to have water fountains or garden streams, try to get the quote for both and see what fits your budget. If you are so desperate to have garden streams but if it is going to shoot up your budget, try to compromise on the other features that are not very important to you so that you can have what you like the most. All these are possible only when you have a clear idea of your own preferences and needs. Learn more about landscape design, streams, pond construction and water features at All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte, NC.

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Landscape Design, Water Features, Landscape Streams and Pond Construction in Charlotte, NC

Landscape Design, Water Features, Landscape Streams and Pond Construction in Charlotte, NC

Learn more about landscape design and water features at All Natural Streams Landscaping in Charlotte, NC

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Peaceful ponds make water living possible in Charlotte, NC!

Water is the very source of life! We just cannot live without it and are strongly attached to it. Most of us would love to have a body of water close by. Unfortunately, there aren’t always streams, rivers, lakes or an ocean near us, even for those that can afford them. A peaceful pond is a great way to have a water feature on your property. Having a wonderful orchard of fragrant flowers and lemons, plums, peaches in your surrounding with water upfront is the ultimate desire for luxury! This is the reason why pond construction is getting so popular these days. The fact is, if you don’t have a home near the water; just create a water body within your property, that’s it!

Why do you find beaches so peaceful and invigorating? Is it the sound of the waves or the fresh smell of water? Why does it soothe your eyes when you see water amidst the lush landscape? Surprisingly, watching the waves or the water body has little to do with relaxation, peace; stress and anxiety release; there is actually more scientific reasoning behind it. Research claims that water places more negative ions in air thus resulting in a positive impact on our body. Getting a professional pond builder to work on your property is the best way to get the ambiance supercharged with the positive effect of moving water or a peaceful pond.

Costing just a fraction of what it would be to purchase waterfront living near the beach or ocean – every property owner can easily reap the benefit of peaceful ponds in their backyard. Create an atmosphere of intimacy or grandeur – whichever appeases you and of course suits your budget as well. Get your own natural individually included in the premises for that everlasting charm. If you’re considering getting a peaceful pond installed in your garden make sure you adhere to certain factors.

Taking your time to plan it out and research through the subject is a great way to avoid any issues later. Always seek an expert to conduct the new pond construction. Make sure the service provider is licensed and bonded. A well-designed pond built will only uplift your property a great deal. Considering how much enjoyment a water body adds to your property, you can always invest in it for happy times to come. In fact, a peaceful pond can bring for you more delight and pleasure than any other purchase you make!

Looking for a professional pond builder in Charlotte, NC. Contact All Natural Streams Landscaping at 704-577-4306.

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Design and Create a Dream Stream

Streams are simple to build, but can easily become very difficult if a few rules aren’t followed. When designing streams, the main thing to look for is elevation changes that can work for or against you. Elevations working for you will have the slope coming towards the customer’s viewing area (such as a patio or deck).

Good slopes can make stream design much easier. All you need is to carve the hillside to create a natural area for a water course. Be sure the stream traverses across the slope to increase the viewing area and exposure, and to create a more natural looking streambed. You’ll want to make it look as though the water has eroded away the soil, exposing the stone underneath.

Stream Construction Techniques.

When excavating a streambed into an existing slope of hill, simply mark the stream edge and dig down about 6” to 8” deep. This allows enough room to accommodate the rock, gravel, and water with a couple of inches to spare. Those couple of spare inches will allow for some settling and compaction of the soil to keep the stream leak-free. You can also dig the stream deeper, if desired.

The stream should twist and turn as it makes its way towards the pond. The turns will increase the sounds, and will also increase the number of viewing areas. The more places it can be seen, the more it’ll be enjoyed.

Infinite Variations with Limited Stones.

You can create many different variations in stream style with just a few types of rocks by using various stream construction methods. A series of cascading falls that transition into wide sheets of water will create a variety of sounds and sights to be enjoyed by onlookers. Be sure to show your clients pictures of the different effects you’re able to create and let them choose which style they prefer.

As you prepare the waterfall and stream for rock placement, be sure to dig areas deeper where large boulders will rest. A good rule of thumb is to place a large rock at each turn in the stream. It doesn’t have to be a huge rock, but it should be larger than any of the other rocks used in the project. In addition, place larger stones, or a series of stones, at elevation changes to replicate the erosion process.

Along the way, you should mentally count the number of large stones that you’ll need to make sure you’ll have enough. These larger rocks take center stage, and all the other rocks will balance and support the entire composition.

Creating a Million Dollar View.

Views from the home and surrounding seating areas are always targeted first when designing streams and waterfalls. If your customer’s budget allows, start the stream far enough away from the viewing areas so people are drawn into the landscape to explore the source of the water. Interactive water features will get the greatest responses because they’re fun.

To make the stream as interesting as possible, be sure the stream gets narrow in areas, and then widen out and slow down in others. Use a good mix of stone and gravel to create a natural look. Fill the streambed with aquatic plants, and you’ve just created an awesome supplement to your filtration system.

The hardest part about streams is learning how the water reacts in certain situations. When a stream is long and without much slope, the water will tend to move too slowly, causing water to well up along the sides. This can become a problem if the edges aren’t high enough.

We’re all drawn to water for many different reasons. The bottom line is that the thrill of exploration is in all of us, and you can really run with the idea of creating a miniature wilderness in an ordinary backyard by adding twists and turns to your stream design.

The Shoreline – Where Everything Happens.

The shoreline is where everything happens. The greater this area, the greater the enjoyment your clients will get from their water feature. The shoreline is where the marginal plants interact with terrestrial plantings, where your clients will feed the fish, and the paths they’ll follow during walks around the pond.

So how do you increase the shoreline in a small space? With streams. Deep streams are more pond-like, allowing fish to swim up into them, while shallow streams are fast moving and produce beautiful sounds. A winding stream will give you the greatest shoreline for the money. Combining a long stream with a pond is the best scenario.

An Added Stream Benefit.

An often overlooked benefit of adding a stream to your client’s project is the filtration and oxygenation of the water. Crashing falls will add life-giving oxygen to the anoxic pond depths. Larger projects should always have a stream for this purpose alone. Large ponds that are a half-acre or greater may never be thoroughly emptied and cleaned, but their streams can be.

It’s relatively easy to shut the pumps down for a day and thoroughly clean a stream bed. You’ll be amazed at how effective they are as a silt trap. Cleaning the stream will help remove excess nutrients without the cost of cleaning a large pond.

Human Interaction.

If nobody is around to hear, see, or interact with a water feature, it might as well not exist in an ornamental situation. Ponds and streams need to be designed with people in mind. Take advantage of human nature and cater to your customer’s needs and wants. It may be as simple as aiming a waterfall and stream toward the master bedroom window, or by placing a bench in the right spot.

Water in general, has the ability to increase your client’s interaction with the outdoors. Streams are highly versatile and they create nature’s music as they change gradients and cross the landscape. Add a pathway, bridge, or stepping stones and you’ll be raising the level of enjoyment your customer experiences with your creation. It’s just a matter of honing your design and construction skills!

Need some visual inspiration? Click here to view photos of stream design ideas.

Stream Construction Tips to Remember

  • Always slope the streambed towards the pond.
  • Have areas within the stream where the water can pool.
  • If the stream narrows in one place, open it back up downstream.
  • Leave several inches of soil and liner above the proposed water level in the stream.
  • The water depth of the stream is determined by the height of the weir in the closest downstream waterfall.
  • High water flow rates need a wider stream and/or higher edges.

For more information on design and stream building, contact All Natural Streams Landscaping.

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