Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscape

Water Features in Charlotte, NCThe sound of running water offers a peaceful and tranquil feeling to people. You can find yourself relaxing and looking at life from a whole new perspective when sitting near a quiet brook or gentle stream. This contemplative space can also be a part of your landscape by adding a water feature to your backyard.

When you add a water feature to your backyard, you create a peaceful place to go when life just gets to fast paced. It will be a place to step back and breathe easier as the water works its magic to help you relax. These backyard features also add a wonderful look to your area and will also bring in wildlife for you to enjoy. There are several ways you can go to create this ideal area.

Running Water without a Pond

Waterfalls or a stream with a series of waterfalls can cascade into a hidden reservoir covered in beautiful stones or rocks. This system will offer you the sound of running water without the upkeep of a pond. When you don’t have an open pond, you don’t have to worry about fencing for safety as animals or people cannot fall into an open water area.

Water Fountains

Fountain systems come in a variety of designs. You can create a formal looking fountain with water continuously running through or a simpler water feature with recirculating water. The fountain is perhaps the most economical way to add a water feature to your landscape. With any design you choose, they collect water in a basin, and a small pump will then pump it back up to the top.


A pond is the most popular backyard water feature, and new technology allows you to create one that can be its own self-contained ecosystem. Your pond can be a simple pool that contains gentle bubbles, or a large one with huge boulders that when designed correctly will blend perfectly with your environment.

Adding a water feature to your landscape can be something small that will accent what you have in your yard, or it can be more complex and become the focal point. If you find moving water to be soothing and beautiful, contact a landscape expert to determine which design will work best for you and your budget.

To learn about a water feature for your backyard, contact the experts at All Natural Streams Landscaping – 704-577-4306.

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